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Best places to visit in Antipolo

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Too many think the only worthwhile tourist attractions to see in Antipolo are the Antipolo Cathedral and Hinulugang Taktak when you come visit May of every year. Far from it. Antipolo is a tourist destination not just during the Maytime season (which actually starts Maundy Thursday early April and extends to June) when millions go to Antipolo on their annual Pilgrimage.

Tourists and even Antipolo residents have plenty of interesting places to visit in the city year round like the Pinto Art Museum, not just the Antipolo Cathedral but the historic church in Boso-boso, the numerous resorts like Loreland, Cristina Villa, Antipolo Star Resort and Jamesville Hotel and Resort as well as the other attractive tourist destinations.

Pinto Art Museum displays both modern and native art. It displays contemporary paintings and sculptures by Filipino artists in galleries housed in the museum of tropical gardens surrounding whitewashed, Mediterranean-style villas.

This beautiful museum is inside the 1.2 hectare property Silangan Gardens located inside a private subdivision in Antipolo. Pinto means door in Filipino and the museum is a gateway for modern and contemporary art.

There is more than one famous church in the Pilgrimage City of Antipolo. The Virgin of Antipolo (also known as Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage) is housed at the Antipolo Cathedral at the center of the city. It is believed to keep people safe when they travel. During the advent of Holy Week, millions of devotees from all over the Metro Manila customarily travel on foot to Antipolo to seek its blessing and protection.

Another historic church you can visit in Antipolo is the Boso-Boso Church. The church was built back in 1578 with much of the original stonework on the structure remaining intact.

The numerous resorts in Antipolo are also popular destinations. An example is the Loreland Farm Resort. At Loreland swim in their crystal clear pools, then dine in their wonderful restaurants and after a tiring day spend the evening in their hotel and cottages.

Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens and Spa is one of the top getaways in Antipolo. This famous mountain resort offers premium spa services in a hanging garden setting. It provides a scenic view of Laguna De Bay and Metro Manila. Guests can swim in any of their three infinity pools, enjoy a massage or savor gastronomic delights.

There are other resorts like the Cristina Villa Mountain Hotel and Resorts, the Antipolo Star Resort (which has a saltwater pool), the Boso-Boso Highlands Resorts, Jamesville Resort and Hotel and many others.

Many enjoy delicious food in the restaurants in malls around Antipolo but the most popular destinations are the overlooking restaurants along Juan Sumulong Highway which offer a view of Metro Manila and Laguna De Bay.

Going up Sumulong Highway from Masinag you will pass by Cafe Lupe Hostel and Restaurant, Yellow Lantern Cafe, One Antipolo Events Place, Papa Kim’s Korean Bakery and Coffee, Grilla Bar and Grill, Old Spaghetti House, Padi’s Point, Leonardo’s, Cloud 9 Sports and Leisure Club and so many more.

This is far from a complete list of the many attractions of Antipolo. But it’s a good start for tourists as well as residents of Antipolo who would like to visit the attractions of the city.


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